San Francisco Church Accidentally Installed Outdoor Showers For Homeless People

In a move that can only be described as overly compassionate, the Catholic Church in San Francisco accidently installed outdoor showers for homeless people who were camping out in their doorways at night. The move obviously in the spirit of Francis of Assisi and Pope Francis saw the plight of these poor folks and decided to help them with FREE Showers.

The Catholic Church who also recognizes the plight of California’s severe water problem decided it was in it’s best interest to provide free showers. The showers have since been turned off. But they were running every 60 minutes for roughly 75 seconds. Just enough time for a quick soak and rinse off.

A bookstore in New York previously installed public showers for the homeless in a similar fashion and that worked out so well too. Luckily the farmers in Northern California are

Luckily the farmers in Northern California are killing off their crops and selling water to southerners so the Catholic Church can operate midnight showers for the homeless.

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