Samantha Ronson To Lindsay Lohan: “Please Marry Me!”


Samantha Ronson is begging for Lindsay Lohan’s hand in marriage, according to an item in the January 26 issue of The National Enquirer.

“Marry me, Lindsay! Please marry me!” the celebrity spinner is accused of pleading in an pathetic attempt to save her headline-grabbing relationship with struggling starlet Lindsay Lohan.

“She wants to put the acrimony of the past behind them so they can start fresh as a married couple,” a Sam source revealed to The Enquirer.

But tattling spies say LiLo isn’t ready to make that kind of commitment until Sam agrees to a laundry list of stipulations for reconciliation.

“Lindsay wants Sam to completely stop talking to her old girlfriends and cut off family members who don’t like Lindsay-and that’s most of Sam’s family.”

“They see how much Sam and Lindsay fight and believe their relationship is toxic.”


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