Samantha Ronson Dog Cadillac Named In Fatal Mauling

Samantha Ronson, celebrity mixmistress and ex-girlfriend of scandal-bitten actress Lindsay Lohan, is at the center of a doggone controversy after her bulldog Cadillac was named in a mauling Los Angeles Monday that left a smaller dog dead and a horrified pet owner who witnessed the fatal attack nursing injuries.

On Monday afternooon, LAPD officials received a 911 call reporting that a pit bull had attacked a smaller dog and its female owner outside a luxury dwelling in Tinseltown. When authorities arrived at Ronson’s West Hollywood apartment building, the smaller dog was dead and the owner had minor injuries. Witnesses on the scene identified the larger dog was a bulldog, not a pit bull, belonging to Samantha Ronson and the other dog was a three-pound teacup Maltese. writes: “Sam — who had worked the night before — was at home sleeping when the attack occurred. Some of her friends were in her unit. We’ve learned the friends told Animal Control they heard a human scream and then opened the door and found Cadillac in the hallway alone — there was no blood on the floor or on the bulldog. None of Sam’s friends are copping to allowing Cadillac to get out of the unit.”

We hear Cadillac is quite the popular pooch around his Tinseltown neighborhood — not necessarily a good thing, mind you. In 2009, the aggressive dog was ordered to three-weeks of Doggie Bootcamp after trying to have another four-legged neighbor for dinner. Word on the Curb even has it that Cadi bit a person in the building earlier this year.

Cadillac has since been sent to New York City to live with Ronson’s relatives. For her part, Sam says she’s beyond sorry about the passing of Tiger The Maltese.

“There is absolutely nothing I can say that will alter one minute of today, nothing,” Lohan’s famous former galpal wrote in a somber Tweet late Monday. “I feel incredibly sad and wish I could offer more than condolences, unfortunately there are no words to describe how sorry I am,” Ronson continued.

This is every animal lover’s worst nightmare! Some people are just not responsible enough to be pet owners. (We’re looking at you, Sam!) May Tiger The Maltese rest in peace.

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