Sam Jones III Karissa Shannon Sex Tape Photos

Break out the Brain Bleach: Vivid Entertainment is giving us our first glimpse at what company president Steve Hirsch promises could be Vivid’s best-selling slab of celebrity smut since 2007’s Kim K Superstar: The Sam Jones III & Karissa Shannon Sex Video.

After fighting tooth and nail to stop a extremely graphic recording of one of their sex tapes for going public, the former flame of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and her new Ebony beau –star of the longrunning CW series Smallville — have reportedly reached a six-figure deal to sign over the rights to Karissa Shannon Superstar, premiering next month.

“Its definitely the most extreme video that I’ve ever seen, as a celebrity tape. There’s everything you can imagine — whips, chains, handcuffs. It’s absolutely crazy,” Hirsch chuckled as Sam and Karissa battled to keep the tape under wraps just a few weeks ago.

CLICK THE Thumbnails For a Safe-for-Work Peek at the Action….

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