Salma Hayek set to testify in Halle Berry custody trial

Halle Berry is leaving no source untapped and no stone untruend as she preps for another installment in her cutsody case.

Berry is fighting to take her young daughter to France, in a permanent move with little Nahla’s dad isn’t too thrilled. According to sources, Salma Hayek, who lives in France with her husband, Francois-Henri Pinault, she can support Halle’s claims that she will be safer n France.

Halle, who has struggled for years dealing with the paparazzi is asking to move to being a new chapter in her life with fiancé Olivier Martinez , as well as with her daughter. Gabriel Aubry, Nahla’s father has been fighting the move, saying he doesn’t want his daughter to be moved half-way around the world. Halle claims that because France has tougher laws to protect against the invasions of the paparazzi, she will be safer.

Salma will testify that she is raising her daughter, Valentina, without worry from the paparazzi.

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