Ryan Seacrest purchases $49 Million home from Ellen DeGeneres

Looks like Ellen and Portia aren’t going to have to worry about their $49 million Beverly Hills estate much longer.

The busiest man in Hollywood, Ryan Seacrest, appears to be taking the property off their hands. Reports are indicating that Ryan pad close to the asking price and that the deal will be finalized this week. The 9,200 square foot mansion features the main house, 3 guest houses, and a couple of cement ponds. The estate sits on 2.87 acres of prime Beverly Hills real estate.

Sources close to Ryan say this isn’t going to be a bachelor pad for long though. Insiders are saying that Ryan and DWTS alum, Julianne Hough, are close to becoming engaged.

Chew on this…..Ryan can almost pay for the home with ONE year of salary.

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