Ryan Seacrest Jennifer Lopez Feud

This week, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez took their seats (alongside veteran judge Randy Jackson) at the American Idol judges’ table, but the experience has been anything but smoothing sailing for Idol host — the self-appointed “Hardest-Working Man In Hollywood” — Ryan Seacrest, who finds working with notorious JLo about as appealing as undergoing a root canal!

Tattling set spies tell In Touch Weekly that Jenny from the Block is in an all out war with Seacrest for rights to the top diva tiara on the FOX talent show. After all, we are talking about a woman who allegedly demanded an all-white dressing room before she could be expected to take the stage at performances.

“Ryan was the one who first suggested Jennifer, but now he’s starting to regret it, because she’s acting like she’s a much bigger star than he is. Ryan knows the diva behavior is likely to get worse before it gets better. Producers are trying to get them to make peace, but their egos are both pretty big.”

Meow! It sounds like the claws are out!

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