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Ryan O’Neal Flubs Lines On “90210”
posted by:Castina

Hey Ryan, maybe its time to retire? Oscar-winning actor Ryan O’Neal is tapping scenes for a multi-arc guest appearance on the current season of The CW’s 90210, but the trouble-prone star’s turn as the often-referenced, never before seen actor father of Teddy (Trevor Donovan) isn’t going as well as series producers would have hoped. O’Neal’s is leaving a bad taste in the mouth of series cast and crew, who accuse the Paper Moon vet of constantly flubbing lines and showing up to set unprepared.

The cast is livid with Ryan, whose mistakes are forcing them to reshoot scenes.

The National Enquirer’s Gossip Guy Mike Walker dishes: “The 68-year-old veteran’s driving the director, cast and crew NUTS, goofing up even the simplest dialogue and forcing them to plant cue cards around the set – hidden behind a lamp, peeking out from flower pots, etc…..”

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