Ryan Gosling Was Almost a Backstreet Boy

Bombshell: Nice guy actor Ryan Gosling almost passed up a promising screen career to become a boy bander. A Backstreet Boy, to be exact. The tasty revelation comes straight from the mouth of current Backstreeter A.J. McLean.

A.J. dropped the tidbit suring a chat with TMZ.

“Dude can sing! People don’t know that, but the dude can sing,” A.J. proclaimed.

Ryan confirms as much. Gosling, a former member of Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club, called Backstreet Boys a “New Kids rip-off.” He later saw the group skyrocket, but AJ claims he’d already “lost” Ryan’s number.

How convenient.

“When I was doing the Mickey Mouse Club, we were living in the same place as that guy A.J. from the Backstreet Boys,” Ryan told Celebuzz, referring to his tenure on the Disney show from 1993 to 1995. “They were just forming that band, so he was saying how big they were going to be… we were like, it’s never going to happen. Didn’t they already do that with New Kids? You’re a little late. Cut to…I was wrong.”

So is Ryan sad he’s didn’t hop aboard the BSB train?

“I try not to think about it…You can’t live in the past. You’ve got to live in the now. That ship has sailed.”

Fear not Ryan, BSB still has space for you.

“If we ever want a sixth Backstreet Boy, I’m gonna call you,” McLean cracked.

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