Ryan Gosling Blake Lively Romance Heating Up?

Fashionista Blake Lively and actor Ryan Gosling have gone from enjoying ice cream outings to practically devouring one another.

In what could be Hollywood’s hottest new romance, The Rumor Mill spun into overdrive this week with whispers that Blake Lively is dating Ryan Gosling.

The actors were so obviously smitten with each other at the New York premiere party for Gosling’s Blue Valentine. At one point, Gosling affectionately placed his hand on Blake’s knee while the actress gave him a smoldering look that’s usually reserved for Dan — or Nate — depending on which Gossip Girl episode we’re tuned into.

Lively was first spotted with the actor back in October at Disneyland, shortly after her split from Gossip Girl co-star Penn Badgley. Ryan is also no stranger to high-profile hookups: He dated his Notebook co-star Rachel McAdams for three years after starring in the 2004 romantic flick.

Romance rumors hit Blake and Ry again after the stars were spotted sneaking into the premiere of Ryan’s new movie this week, skipping the red carpet to dodge a sea of waiting cameras.

An attendee snitched to E! News: “They weren’t obviously all over each other, but it seemed like they were together. There were times when they would be sitting down and he would kind of lay his hand on her knee. They were smiling, laughing, they looked happy!”

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