Ruth Merrill, Mother Of Jersey Housewife Danielle Staub, Dies

Ruth Merrill, the mother of The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member Danielle Staub, passed away on March 21 after suffering a stroke in her home in Athens, Pennsylvania. The 75-year-old makes a few cameo appearances on the upcoming second season of the Bravo series, which debuts May 3, nonetheless a grief-stricken Danielle says none of her costars on the popular reality hit (Dina, Caroline, Teresa, Jacquelyn) have contacted her to offer their condolences.

“We know how they feel about me,” a bitter Staub spat through her tears in an interview with on Sunday night.. “They weren’t my friends before the show, they weren’t friends with me on the show, and they won’t be friends with me when the show has come and gone. I don’t expect them to reach out to me. I would actually be shocked. I would prefer not to have people be fake around me.”

Danielle, a Franklin Lakes, NJ socialite, has been famously feuding with her Real Housewives co-stars ever since her past as a drug-addicted former stripper and police informant was exposed during the show’s explosive first season. Tonight though, Staub is remembering the woman she called “Mom.”

“She’s on the show a little bit, she’s definitely a voice of reason with me. … She was a sweet woman, she adopted me, I was her miracle. She was one of the most energetic women. She was a very religious woman, a God-fearing woman.”

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