Russell Westbrook Dunks Over Teammate Enes Kanter In Epic Alley-Oop [Watch]


Russell Westbrook highlights have become an incredibly fun thing for fans of the NBA to experience in recent years. The All-Star Thunder guard is seriously making his case for the MVP and continues to prove why he deserves it with plays like this.

He sends a strong message to his teammate Enes Kanter with his actions saying “If you can’t get to the alley-oop fast enough, I will.” It is certainly not often that you will see a player beat his teammate to the rim for an alley-oop since that just seems selfish, right?

Most players wouldn’t do something like this, but perhaps the situation is a little different when you are someone like Russell Westbrook. He is currently setting an example that others will want to follow with his huge games and multiple triple-doubles this season, including recording 5 in a 6 game stretch at one point.

He took control of the play, dunked on his teammate, and even continued the theatrics by talking trash in the locker room.

Russell Westbrook seems to be able to do anything and may have performed one of his most signature plays to date when blocking out his own teammate. Enes Kanter is new to the team and may not be quite used to the situation yet, but clearly you don’t want to try to compete with someone like Westbrook because he will, of course, win.

The play featured everything that you could ask for and more in a classic play from the Thunder star with his unmatched athleticism, tunnel vision, and aggression. It is a bit of an embarrassing moment for Kanter, but what was he thinking when he tried to compete with his team’s star for a dunk anyway?

If you thought that alley-oop was cool, then you’ll have to check out his dunk from a couple of weeks ago that nearly broke the backboard camera.

Tell US: Is Russell Westbrook your pick for this year’s MVP Award?

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