Russell Simmons Mentoring Spitzer Prostitute Ashley Dupre


Ashley Dupre, the high-prized call girl at the center of the scandal that brought down disgraced New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, says she draws “inner strength” from her ongoing yoga sessions with hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons.

In a personal statement posted Russ’ on Wednesday, Ashley says the last year has served as “a period of awakening.”

“Russell was there, reaching out to give me hand placement tips and educate me about the virtues of yoga that he’s discovered throughout the years. He explained the importance of understanding that our actions sometimes have far reaching consequences — a lesson that certainly resonated with me.”

“I’ve gained a perspective on life that I probably never would have been able to achieve if not for all of the heartache. In great part, discovering my identity came through the quiet reflection I enjoyed while practicing yoga, and the inner strength I’ve developed attracts powerful things,” the 23-year-old writes.

In his own blog on Dupre, entitled “Meeting Miss Ashley,” Russell says he was impressed that the brunette bombshell hadn’t used her notoriety to earn a little cash. “She told me that she hadn’t taken a nickel since the scandal broke and the reason was because every deal that had come in front of her involved further destroying her spirit.”

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