Rupert Sanders Banned From Directing “Snow White” Sequel

Rupert Sanders’ dalliance with Kristen Stewart hasn’t just thrown his private life into chaos — the affair could jeopardize his career too.

The lenman’s jilted bride, former model Liberty Ross, has reportedly banned her cheating hubby from having anything to do with the sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman — the film that introduced him to Kristen.

One informant tells RadarOnline:

“Liberty let it be known in no uncertain terms that Rupert can’t direct the sequel. They are trying to work things out after he was caught having an affair and that is one of the sticking points. She just doesn’t want him to ever work with Kristen again.”

It’s a big professional blow to the father of two, who was reportedly planning to direct the film’s second installment after his directorial debut went gangbusters at the box office. Rather than give up their leading lady Kristen, Universal Pictures will reportedly find a new director for the next Snow White feature.

Meanwhile, Kristen is “hiding out” at her parents’ Woodland Hills, California home as she waits for the press from the cheating scandal to die down.

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