Rupert Everett: “‘Freak’ Michael Jackson Better Off Dead”

Rupert Everett is speaking ill of the dead. The outspoken gay actor is known for his rants about his days as a drug-addicted prostitute and the perils of fellow gays becoming parents — and now he’s turning his big mouth to Michael Jackson.

In an interview with London’s Daily Mail Wednesday, Rupert shared his thoughts on the late King of Pop, referring to Jackson as a “freak” who’s better off dead.


“I think it was fortuitous that he died….He was a freak. He looked like a character from Shrek. He was a black to white minstrel. He was crucified by that court case when he was accused of child molestation – that killed him. He personified the pain and anxiety of a black man in a slave country. We all watched as he changed from black to white. He was living performance art. “We’re living in very strange times. We have Michael Jackson, a black man who has gone white, and we have President Barack Obama, who is a half white man gone black. It’s absolutely fascinating to watch.”

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