Runaway Prius Hoax?

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The federal government and Toyota are questioning whether or not a 2008 Toyota Prius really sped down a San Diego freeway topping speeds of 90 MPH last Monday afternoon after investigators with the embattled automaker and government transportation officials were unable to make the car speed out of control as its owner, James Sikes, said it did on the California freeway last week.

The federal government said Monday that it cannot explain the alleged sudden high-speed acceleration that caused the Prius to race out of control for 30 miles before Sikes was able to come to a stop with the help of a California Highway Patrol officer.

In a statement Monday, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that it continues to investigate but adds “we may never know exactly what happened with this car.”

In the past six weeks, Toyota has recalled millions of cars because of floor mats that can snag gas pedals or accelerators that can sometimes stick. Sikes’ car was covered by the floor mat recall, but not the one for sticky accelerators. He later told reporters that he tried to slam on the gas pedal during his terrifying ride, but claimed it didn’t “move at all.”

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