Rosie Perez Jennifer Lopez Battle For Rights To Sotomayor Story

Jennifer Lopez and Rosie Perez are in a race against time to secure the film rights to the life of Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina appointed to the US Supreme Court.

The Puerto-Rican actresses became fast friends while appearing as high-energy hip-hop dancers “The Fly Girls” on the FOX sketch comedy hit In Living Color in the early ’90s. But the longstanding friendship has gone out the window as the buxom Boricuas battle it out to bring Sotomayor — who went from the housing projects of The Bronx to the highest court in the land — to the big screen.

“The stakes are high,” a source reveals in the Sept. 14 issue of The National Enquirer. “Rosie and Jennifer have been friends in the past, but the race for the rights of the movie has taken a toll on their friendship.”

Jennifer, 40, has been following the rise of Justice Sotomayor’s career since before she was nominated for the Supreme Court by President Barack Obama earlier this year and spies say the notorious diva is incensed that Rosie has entered the race for the rights to Sotomayor’s story — she’s even more livid that the Pineapple Express star has been telling Hollywood insiders that she’s the better actress between the two.

“Rosie resents Jennifer going after the project because she says she would have wanted to make the movie whether Sotomayor was confirmed or not,” the source adds. “(Lopez) hosted a dinner party for Justice Sotomayor right after her confirmation. It was to butter her up because Lopez thinks a film about her life story would be huge. Considering this is Hollywood, before its over, there may be two film versions of Sonia Sotomayor’s life.”

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