Rosie O’Donnell Jennifer Hudson Tragedy Blog

Outspoken comedienne Rosie O’Donnell expressed her sadness over the slayings of Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother, and young nephew in a post on her popular blog Tuesday.

“The family tragedy of Jennifer Hudson — no words will do — a grief 2 hard 2 comprehend,” Rosie wrote.

She continued: “Guns and domestic violence are a lethal combination — injuring and killing women every day in the United States. A gun is the weapon most commonly used in domestic homicides. In fact, more than three times as many women are murdered by guns used by their husbands or intimate acquaintances than are killed by strangers’ guns, knives or other weapons combined. Contrary to many public perceptions, many women who are murdered are killed not by strangers but by men they know.”

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