Roseanne Accuses Neighbors Of Killing Goats

Award-winning comedienne Roseanne Barr is living next door to a couple of ding-movin’ goat killers, if court documents filed in Hawaii are to be believed.

The She Devil actress has petitioned a court for a restraining order against her neighbors Richard and Roree Oehlman. Roseanne claims the couple have harassed and threatened her ever since she took over a macadamia nut farm on the island several months ago, but the final straw came when she discovered two of her four goats dead, a crime she claims the Oehlmans took credit for.

“That’s what happens when you piss people off,” they are accused of telling Barr’s son-in-law.

The neighbors are also feuding over mountains of dirt that were allegedly illegally shifted from The Oehlman property to Roseanne’s.

Barr is calling for a judge to ban the couple from setting foot on her property and stop them from contacting members of her family, according to legal papers obtained last week.

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The claims are under investigation.

Watch as all of the drama unfolds on Roseanne’s new reality docu-soap, premiering on Lifetime this spring.