Rose Byrne Starts All-Female Production Company, Hopes To Have More Female-Driven Films

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Rose Byrne is the latest actress to challenge the sexist film industry that women have been forced to deal with for several decades if they want to make films in Hollywood.

She has had some decent roles throughout her career, but never a leading role in a major film. Perhaps this is a sign of the society in which she lives and she will become more of a prominent star through her production company. Bryne recently helped launched The Dollhouse Collective, committed to championing women in the industry, along with four other Austrailian women who are involved with the entertainment industry in varying ways.

In addition to Byrne, The Dollhouse Collective is made up of director Gracie Otto, theater and opera director Shannon Murphy, emerging producer Jessica Carrera, and actor Krew Boylan.

Rose Byrne, as any women can attest to in Hollywood, feels that the number of roles for women is far inferior to their male counterparts. Several other actresses have also spoken out, including Carey Mulligan, who recently made some strong statements in relation to her upcoming film Suffragette that deals with women’s issues.

Gracie Otto, the director of The Last Impresario, described the aim of the collective when saying “The core aim is to develop theatre, film and television together and tell stories with a strong female presence.”

The production company already has three films that are in advanced development and Otto also said “I relate to women’s stories because they’re what I know. I love working with women too.”

The 5 women announced the new company in an edition of the magazine Vogue Austrailia. Gender stereotypes and equal representation in terms of appearance and pay is still a big deal in the film industry and the collective should be a good step in the right direction. It is especially shocking and disturbing when realizing that of the top 250 grossing films of 2014, women only made up 23 percent of producers.

Rose Byrne and The Dollhouse Collective’s first three films will be When All In The Water, Serious Red, and Girls In Hotels. Each film will be written and directed by women.

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