Ron Jeremy Is Selling Rum

His work with hoochies made him a porn industry icon, now Ron Jeremy’s launching his own brand of hooch. The professional fucker hаѕ teamed up with Don Pancho Fernandez, the rum maker behind raved about offerings, such as Havana Club, Abuelo, and Zafra, to release a nеw signature brand of aged rum.

With over 1,000 adult films to his credit (Well, actually, to his penis’ credit), Jeremy, now 57, is breaking into the world of fine spirits with the launch of a new Panamanian liquor to be distributed by parent company One Eyed Spirits. The humourously-named Ron de Jeremy serves as both a Spanish pun and a fan homage to the man himself. The spirit, released last week, in now available in a very limited series of numbered bottles.

“Ron de Jeremy is exceptionally smooth 7-year old rum from Panama. It is created by another legend, a 72-year old Cuban Master Blender Francisco ‘Don Pancho’ Fernandez. Ron de Jeremy tastes perfect naked with nothing added and works equally great as a mixer. It is the adult rum,” Jeremy says of the liquor.

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