Ron Artest Booed In Detriot

Sacramento Kings star Ron Artest faced booing and jeering as his team lost to the Detriot Pistons on Saturday night.

The booing stemmed from R.A’s last appearance at the Palace of Auburn Hills, a fan hurling a cup at the pro player lead to what has been called the worst basketball brawl in recent memory almost two years.

“It was fine coming back,” Ron said following the King’s 91-74 loss to the hometown Pistons. “It was just another game.”

Detriot’s pointguard Chauncey Billups agrees: “It’s been over for a long time,” he said. “Y’all try to keep it going because it’s a good story, but it’s been over with us.”

Unfortunately for Ron, Piston fans aren’t nearly as forgiving. Each time R.A had the ball, fans teased him about his rap CD, his Mohawk haircut, and the support sleeve covering his leg.

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