-In case you missed it, Chris Brown went bonkers on a Richmond disc jockey last week after accusing the station of “refusing to play his shit.” Boy, stop crying! That girlfriend-beater is really turning out to be every publicist’s dream…..

A Nightmare on Elm Street — a remake of the 1984 slasher series — scared up $32.2 million in its opening weekend…..

-Michael Douglas has praised the judge overseeing his son’s court case for handing Cameron a five-year prison sentence – calling the punishment “adequate…”

-Elmo on TODAY…..

-Wendy Williams skipped last weekend’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner because she refused to sit next to Omarosa!

-Roman Polanski has broken his month-long silence over the threat of extradition to claim the US wants to serve him “on a platter to the media…”

-As if she doesn’t have enough troubles already, Lindsay Lohan is being sued by a photographer over promo pics he snapped for her clothing line…

-Tiger Woods admitted to having how many affairs?!

Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane blasts Arizona’s new controversial crackdown on immigration…..

-Brain Bleach! A 72-year-old grandmother has fallen love and is having a baby with her grandson, 26. Try to wrap your mind around that for a second. Don’t worry — we’ll wait…..

Sin City star Marley Shelton was arrested for DUI on Saturday….

-The ladies of the Garden State are returning to the reality show where the hair is as big as the drama! The Real Housewives of New Jersey bring on a second season of high society and even higher hijink with a one-hour premiere airing tonight, May 3, on Bravo (10 PM/9c). The network invites fans to join a live stream and interact with the cast via Twitter and Facebook all night long. CLICK HERE To Visit The Live Stream….

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