Rolling Stone Counts Down “Worst Songs Of The ’90s”

The ’90s was a spectacular decade for parachute pants and crappy dance hits. So leave it to Music Bible Rolling Stone to rustle up the most craptacular earshockers released between 1990 and 1999 for our listening pleasure!

Whether you rocked out to Hanson’s nonsensical chorus to “MMMBop,” squeaked along to Aqua’s “Barbie Girl,” or knew how to dance the “Macarena” — this is gonna be one helluva trip down memory lane!

Last week, the mag asked its readers to share the thoughts on the worst songs of the ’90s. The resulting list of songs was as diverse as the songs that dominated decade itself, with country, hip-hop, and pop all represented. Ultimately, though, it was Danish dance-pop group Aqua’s defining 1997 single, “Barbie Girl” that edged out stinkers like “Too Legit to Quit” and “Who Let the Dogs Out?” for the title of “Suckiest Song of the ’90s.” Hanson, Celine Dion, Right Said Fred, and 4 Non Blondes also earned esteemd positions in the 90’s Hall of Shame.

The top (or bottom) five worst songs of the ’90s, according to the survey, include:

– Los Del Rio: “Macarena”

– Billy Ray Cyrus: “Achy Breaky Heart”

– Vanilla Ice: “Ice Ice Baby”

– Chumbawamba: “Tubthumping”

“Macarena,” one of the worst songs of the ’90s?! Rolling Stone readers have no soul.

What are some of your most memorable cringeworthy classics from the ’90s? Sound off in the Comments Section below.

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