Roger Ebert Memoir

Groundbreaking cinema critic Roger Ebert will revisit his greatest trials and triumphs in a new –still-untitled — memoir expected to debut on the Grand Central Publishing imprint next year.

Rog is expected to revisit the cancer death of friend and partner Gene Siskel in 1999 and his own battle with the disease — which robbed him of his famous voice.

Four years ago, the noted film critic lost the ability to speak due to thyroid cancer — resulting in numerous surgeries that left Ebert without most of his jaw. In recent months, new software, which uses audio recordings of his previously taped voice, was used to create a synthetic voice, which is very similar to Roger’s natural voice. Using this technology, he has got back the ability to speak and converse.

Ebert, who still critiques fils for The Chicago Sun-Times, made a rare television appearance back in February, when he was a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show. While appearing on the show, he debuted his new synthesized voice which uses computer technology.

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