Rod Stewart Wedding Suit Lawsuit

Rod Stewart is being sued for not ponying over $7,500 for the tuxedo he wore to his 2007 wedding to wife Penny Lancaster.

On Monday, designer Karen Mathews filed papers in Los Angeles Small Claims Court alleging that the “Maggie May” rocker — who is expecting his second child with Penny early next year — ordered custom-made clothes for several events in 2007 but never paid for them.

“The clothes were never paid for in full and [Rod] kept the rest of the clothes without ever returning what hadn’t been paid for,” says a spokesperson for Matthews, who has been designing threads for celebs for more than 30 years.

A rep for Stewart, on the other hand, claims the musician shouldn’t have to foot the bill for the fashions — his wedding suit in particular — because the quality was “unsatisfactory” and left much to be desired.

“It wasn’t produced on time and was ill-fitting and totally unusable. He had to buy a proper suit at the last minute,” says Rod’s spokesperson.

Over the course of his career, Rod, 65, has been accused of being frugal with his millions. His son Sean once labeled him “cheap,” while Ronnie Wood — who played with Rod with the band the Faces – has previously described him as “tighter than two coats of paint.”

A court date in the suit case is set for November.

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