Robin Van Persie’s Video Of Son Scoring Trick Shot Proves Soccer Genes Run In the Family [Watch]


Great trick shot by Shaqueel! GOOOOOOALLLLLL Yessssssss lovely assist though ????????

A video posted by Robin van Persie (@robinvanpersie) on

Robin Van Persie is clearly one of the greatest soccer players in the world, or if you’re a fan from outside of the United States, a football player. His latest video proves that the soccer skills just might run in the family.

Perhaps his son will be playing in a world cup in a couple more decades, but for now we can at least watch his cool trick shot on the assist from his star player dad.

Robin Van Persie posted the video of his son, Shaqueel, on his Instagram account, documenting his awesome shot in their backyard. It is easy to tell that we can already expect great things from the young Van Persie and he is only seven years old.

Shaqueel Van Persie performed what is referred to in the sport as a scorpion kick. Although the goal was quite impressive for someone his age, or any age for that matter, his celebratory dance that followed truly capped off the signature move.

Of course, ┬áVan Persie also gave credit to himself on the assist in the caption in the video, known for doing his fair share of those throughout his career. For those that are still unaware of Robin Van Persie’s greatness, he currently plays for Manchester United, where he has scored 48 goals in 83 appearances and he is also the captain of the Dutch national team.

Robin Van Persie made a wave during the World Cup in 2014 as one of the key players for the Netherlands along with Arjen Robben. It is only a matter of time before his son will be playing for the national team as well and with skills like his, he is likely to follow in his father’s footsteps.

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