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Robin Thicke’s Album Sales Even More Depressing in the Outback


Note to Robin Thicke: Begging and pleading on wax only works if your name is James Brown…or if you’re starring in a Swiffer commercial.

Thicke’s musical peace offering to (or public stalking of) jilted bride Paula Patton continues to backfire spectacularly. The crooner’s current album, Paula, sold a microscopic 54 copies (That’s not a typo.) in its first week of release in Australia. The new effort failed to crack the Outback’s Top 500 Chart. To put that into prospective, Robin’s 2013 disc, which featured the blockbuster hit “Blurred Lines,” was positioned in the No. 4 spot on the Australian chart at this time last year.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

The UK sales of the Paula album have been equally disastrous, especially considering Robin’s last album sold over 25,000 units there in its first week. Paula moved roughly 25,000 copies domestically — a flop that looks even more bleek when you factor in that Robin’s Blurred Lines netted first week sales of 177,000.

Oh brother, anyone want to put a friendly little wager on how long it’ll take Interscope to show Robby Boy the door?

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