Robert Downey Jr. Rolling Stone Magazine August 2008

It has been a busy 2008 for Robert Downey Jr.. With a starring role in the summer blockbuster Iron Man already under his belt, R.D.J is gearing up for an even bigger career surge with contracts to appear in a second of installment of the action thriller as well as a Sherlock Holmes comedy still to come.

Check out Rolling Stone Magazine’s August 21 cover story with Comeback Kid Robert Downey Jr.

“I’m between two phases right now, pre-Iron Man and post-Iron Man, and the transition can be tricky,” he says, shifting and smoking. “It used to be, I’d drive onto a studio lot, and the guard was like, ‘Less Than Zero dude, I loved Chaplin!’ Now it’s, ‘Iron Man!'”

Robert Downey Jr. in Rolling Stone Continued

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