Robert Downey Jr. Planters Peanuts Commercial

As we mentioned on Monday, the Kraft-owned nutjubs at Planters has given Mr. Peanut a makeover for the first time since he took over spokesnut duties for the company in 1916.

He still wears the top hat and monocle that have long been his trademark, Mr. Peanut sports a three-dimensional look in his first new ad since the facelift. Also a first, Mr. Peanut is getting a voice, thanks to Sherlock Holmes actor Robert Downey Jr. The reformed Hollywood badboy has inked a deal to provide voiceovers for the Planters mascot in a series of commercial ads, beginning with this 30-second holiday-themed spot, released on Tuesday.

Whaddya think of the new Mr. Peanut? Cool or creepy?

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