Robert Downey Jr. And Jimmy Fallon Get Emotional On ‘The Tonight Show’ [Watch]


Robert Downey Jr. has proven for many years that he is a great actor and he truly puts that to the test in a segment with Jimmy Fallon when he continues to switch emotions throughout the course of a normal conversation.

Each and every segment that Jimmy Fallon has done on his show since it began continue to gain popularity and there is no doubt way. RDJ appeared on the show last night and was a part of a segment titled “Emotional Interview” and things could not have gone better.

The actor and the late night talk show host shared plenty of laughs and prior to the interview RDJ even refers to himself as an “emotional chameleon” and he has shown over the years that he can be great at both drama and comedy.

Robert Downey Jr. shared some great moments with Jimmy Fallon with emotions sparked such as “annoyingly philosophical,” “total lack of confidence” and perhaps the best and most personal one, “Jimmy forgot to wish Robert a happy birthday.”


Throughout the segment, the two of them attempt to have a regular conversation while random emotions continue to pop up and make them feel a certain way. The actor prepared immediately by adjusting himself in his chair prompting Fallon to say “You’re getting into character…as you.”

The “lack of confidence” bit was extra special as well as it showed Jimmy Fallon attempt to step down as a host, while RDj had no confidence to take over, said he didn’t even know why he had him on the show anymore.

Robert Downey Jr. will be seen as Tony Stark/Iron Man in just a couple more days in one of the most anticipated films of the year, Avengers: Age Of Ultron. The first film was one of the biggest ever and this one could easily break box office records with the assistance of newly added stars.

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