RJ Hunter Declares For NBA Draft Following Georgia State’s Tournament Run, Is He Ready?


RJ Hunter is a name you may not have been familiar with just a few weeks ago. However, thanks to his amazing performance to end Georgia State’s first game in the NCAA tournament, he is known to the public and will soon be in the NBA.

Although his team did not make it past the round of 32, RJ Hunter became a bit of a hero being the first of a few players to ignite the madness of March this year. Like any star in the game, he was able to have a huge performance at the end despite his poor shooting throughout the game.

His Georgia State Panthers were the #14 seed in the tournament, but that didn’t stop them from putting on a show and delivering the first upset of the the tournament when they defeated the #3 seeded Baylor out of the Big 12, a conference many experts had considered the best in the nation.

He made a 3 pointer with 2.7 seconds left in what could be be the biggest shot of the tournament and was easily the most watched clip of the tournament with his dad dramatically falling off his stool in excitement.


RJ Hunter not only made the game-winning shot in order to send his team to the round of 32, but his performance at the end of the game might even remind fans of something Kobe or Lebron would do when he scored 12 points in the final minutes of the game.

Hunter played for his dad, coach Ron Hunter, and the two of them shared a special experience as the team made it into the tournament and following their win, balancing his role as a dad vs. a coach.

He is a junior and will forego his senior season to go in the NBA draft, but his dad will certainly miss having him on the court. During his junior season, he averaged 19.7 points, 4.6 rebounds, and 3.6 assists this past season, and as we all witnessed during the tournament, he can certainly come up big when it counts.

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