Rikers Island Prisoners Fed Rat Poison In Their Meatloaf? Evidence Tests Positive

Rikers Island Meatloaf Rat Poison Meal

Guards may have been feeding rat poison to prisoners at Rikers Island. The prisoners recently complained that the meatloaf they were fed was tainted with the deadly substance. A new report shows that the prison’s meatloaf did in fact test positive for Broadifacoum, AKA rat poison.

While the evidence is compelling, it must be noted that the meatloaf samples were provided for testing by the prisoners and the prison hospital never tested the prisoners’ blood or urine. Lawyers are claiming that the rat poisoning attack may have been motivated by the attempted rape of a guard just one week earlier.

In a lawsuit filed by 19 prisoners, they claim that the rat poison made them violently ill after being served the meatloaf on March 3. The food was served following the attempted rape.

“Some of the inmates kept the food as evidence,” their lawyer, Joann Squillace, told The New York Post on Monday. “I personally saw what looked like blue pellets — especially in the meatloaf.”

The lawsuit claims that the prison’s medical staff also told the prisoner’s that they ate rat poison.

A prisoner is usually assigned to assist Rikers staff in preparing and distributing meals. The prisoner that was supposed to help prepare the meatloaf claims that they were suspiciously barred from assisting the guards.The prisoners filed suit Monday seeking an emergency court order; a hearing is reportedly scheduled for Thursday.

A hearing to further investigate the case is scheduled for Thursday.

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