Rihanna Smoking Marijuana? Singer Banned From Hotel After Pot-Puffing

Has RiRi been taking one too many puffs of the peace pipe?

That would certainly explain WTF she was thinking when she allowed her colorist to use her head as a walking tribute to Ronald McDonald.

According to the Bastion of Truth that is MediaTakeOut.com (Yeah, I know. They’re about as reliable as The National Enquirer.), Rihanna was kicked out of an unidentified hotel in her native Barbados last week after she was busted smoking marijuana in her suite.

The singer’s joint puffing set off smoke alarms, causing security to investigate, celeb-gawkers tell the site. Cops weren’t called, but Rihanna has reportedly been banned from the ritzy digs after her room was left trashed and reeking of reefer.

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