Rihanna Tattoo Typo “Rebelle Fleur”

Pardon her French: Rihanna is the latest victim of the dreaded celebrity tattoo typo!

Perhaps Ri-Ri should have taken a French lesson or two before visiting the tattoo parlor earlier this week. Her new body art – which is unmissably etched on her neck – reads “Rebelle Fleur.” Sounds like “Rebel Flower” to us, but in French the words should be the other way around: “Fleur Rebel.”

So effectively Rihanna’s tatt reads: “Flower Rebel.”

Rihanna reportedly got a temporary tattoo of the phrase at celeb-favored Manhattan parlor East Side Ink earlier this week and returned Tuesday night to go permanent with the etching.

Apparently the “Shut Up & Drive” singer — a tattoo aficionado, who has been inked more than 13 times — anticipated the debate her newest ink would likely prompt in a “leaked” text message to her tattoo artist, Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy, obtained by Britain’s OK! Magazine this week: “rebelle fleur translates to rebel flower, NOT rebelious flower, its 2 nouns so in that case fleur does not HAVE to be first! Fyi, cuz they will ask.”

Oh well, she’s not the only celeb to get lost in translation when it comes to permanent body art.

Last year, Hayden Panettiere was left shamefaced when she got an Italian expression tattooed on her back which translated as, “Live life without regretted.” Yeah. Meanwhile David Beckham’s Sanskrit “Victoria” tattoo is spelled incorrectly (not that anyone other than Sanskrit scholars would know), and Britney Spears ended up with the Chinese character for “Strange” etched on her hip… when she’d actually asked for “Mysterious!”

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