Rihanna Suing Accountants For Missing Millions

Uh-oh…Rihanna is suing her former accountants for unspecified damages, accusing them of losing her millions of dollars.

On Tuesday, the “We Found Love” singer filed suit against Berdon LLP of New York in Manhattan Federal Court on Tuesday. RiRi is suing the agency and two of its former employees for breach of contract and a string of other problems with her financial affairs.

The suit alleges Berdon caused Rihanna “significant financial losses” between 2005 and 2010 by charging hefty commissions on money from the star’s 2010 “Last Girl on Earth Tour.” She also accuses the company of mishandling her taxes by withholding more funds than necessary and failing to file taxes on time, resulting in late penalties.

“Between 2005 and 2010, [Rihanna’s tour company] Tourihanna suffered significant losses due to defendants’ financial mismanagement and other acts and omissions.”

The lawsuit says the company assumed control of the singer’s affairs at age 16 ” with an “unusual” deal which saw them earn “exorbitant and expensive” commissions based on a percentage of Rihanna’s gross receipts.

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