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Rihanna Naked! Rihanna Nude Photos


Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you proof that the children are not our future….Rihanna and her Five-Head will not be outdone by Cassie’s pierced nipples!

Nude photographs of R&B diva Rihanna surfaced on the NET on Friday — and let us tell you, they are rated XXX. Are these people f-kin’ retarded? How many Tommy Lees and Pamela Andersons must be publicly humiliated before celebrities understand that these things always come out!!

Is it really that hard to keep your panties on where there’s a camera in the vicinity? And would anyone like to starting placing bets on how long it will be before that rumored Chris and Rihanna sex tape takes a leak?

Extremely NSFW Photos After The Jump!

The most incriminating shot appears to feature the star partially clothed taking a photograph of herself in the mirror of a large hotel suite bathroom. The messages “I Love You” and “I Miss You” are written on the mirror.

P.S.: Yes, those are Rihanna’s drawers on top of Chris’ head…

[Pics removed due to legal threats]


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