Rihanna Jessica Simpson Snub–Rihanna Ignores Jessica’s Letter Of Support


After hearing that pop tart Rihanna had “allegedly” been brutally attacked by her R&B star boyfriend Chris Brown, soft-spoken sweetie Jessica Simpson offered the 21-year-old fellow singer a shoulder to cry on…..and Rihanna told her to hit the bricks!

Apparently Five-Head doesn’t want relationship advice from a woman who gets confused watching Wheel of Fortune.

Jessica, who’s still dealing with shame of her weight gain scandal last month, is said to be heartbroken that her efforts to reach out to the “Umbrella” hitmaker have been harshly rebuffed, The National Enquirer reports.

A Simpson spy claims that earlier this month Jessica, who has previously admitted to once being in an abusive relationship, penned a personal letter to Rihanna offering support and advice on how the young Barbadian should “deal” in the aftermath of the Brown beating.

“Jessica doesn’t have a mean bone in her body and she definitely had good intentions, but her appeal to Rihanna was misguided and a little tacky.”

Jessica was hoping to bond with the young star, but Rihanna found the former reality personality’s approach a bit heavy-handed, says the unidentifed pal. It also doesn’t help that Rihanna has since reconciled with Chris.

“Jess is acting like an expert on domestic violence, and it’s strange that she’d write a letter to a woman she barely knows….”

According to The Enquirer: “Rihanna ignored Jessica’s letter…Actually, she was kind of shocked that Jessica had the nerve to try to get involved in her personal problems.”

“Jessica took a gamble and now she’s hurt because Rihanna didn’t bother to acknowledge the correspondence.”

Rihanna’s making it increasingly more difficult to feel sorry for her….

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