Ricky Martin Gay — “Livin’ La Vida Loca” Star Comes Out As “Proud Homosexual Man”

After more than a decade of rumors and speculation, Ricky Martin has officially come out of the closet, to the surprise of absolutely no one — except of course my childhood bestie Sahara, who somehow never gave up hope that she would one day wed the Puerto Rican hip-shaker. Sorry, girl. Although our gaydar clocked Ricky doing 100 MPH ions ago, the singing star finally acknowledged that he is, in fact, gay in a heartfelt message uploaded to his personal website on Monday.

In a Tweet on Monday, the 38-year-old singer posted a quote attributed to the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. M.L.K.Jr.,” he wrote.

Ricky then Tweeted a link to his coming out about announcement on his Website, simply writing, “my life.”

“I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am,” Ricky wrote. “….These years in silence and reflection made me stronger and reminded me that acceptance has to come from within and that this kind of truth gives me the power to conquer emotions I didn’t even know existed.”

(I think a little Lady Di is in order….)

The “Livin’ La Vida Loca” singer, now a father of toddler twin boys, spoke frankly about the fears that kept him from revealing who he is: “Many people told me: ‘Ricky it’s not important,’ ‘it’s not worth it,’ ‘all the years you’ve worked and everything you’ve built will collapse,’ ‘many people in the world are not ready to accept your truth, your reality, your nature.’ Because all this advice came from people who I love dearly, I decided to move on with my life not sharing with the world my entire truth. Allowing myself to be seduced by fear and insecurity became a self-fulfilling prophecy of sabotage. Today I take full responsibility for my decisions and my actions.”

Ricky said becoming a father to his two sons, who were born via a surrogate mother, also contributed to the decision to come out.

“To keep living as I did up until today would be to indirectly diminish the glow that my kids where (sic) born with. Enough is enough….”

Earlier this year, veteran newswoman Barbara Walters counted her 2000 interview with Martin the only chat of her entire career that she reflects on with regret. Babs fears that probing the former Menudo crooner on his sexuality — a question he refused to entertain at the time — likely ruined his career in the United States.

“In 2000, I pushed Ricky Martin very hard to admit if he was gay or not, and the way he refused to do it made everyone decide that he was,” she told The Toronto Star. “A lot of people say that destroyed his career, and when I think back on it now, I feel it was an inappropriate question.”

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