Rick Astley Comeback

Rick Astley is making a musical comeback — three years after “RickRolling” became a popular online prank.

His song “Never Gonna Give You Up” became the center of an web phenomenon where seemingly unrelated links led to footage of the film clip. The “bait and switch” practice was dubbed “RickRolling.” So far, it’s tricked around 50 million web users into clicking on a link to the 1987 pop hit.

Now Rick is hoping his Internet presence will translate into a career revival on the charts.

The pop baritone and his funky two-step left the music industry in 1993 — after seven Top 10 hits — he releases his new track, the self-penned “Lights Out,” in the UK on June 7.

“I’m not expecting great things this time round. I’m having a giggle.”

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