Report: Randy Jackson Transitions Into Mentor Role on “American Idol”

Is American Idol’s top “dawg” leaving the pound?

That’s the word heating up the blogosphere this Friday.

Buzz has been big that Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban are frontrunners for the judges seats vacated by Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez earlier this summer. But what does that mean for Randy?

Well, if TMZ is to be believed, Idol’s lone remaining original pundit is “officially LEAVING the judge’s table…but will still remain a part of the show as a ‘mentor.'” Celebrity snoops tell The New York Post’s Page Six a similar story.

The award-winning producer is expected to transition into the smaller mentor role when the talent show returns for a 12th season in January — and he isn’t exactly doing back flips over the slight:

“Producers definitely wanted Randy off the judging panel and proposed to make him a mentor. Not surprisingly, Randy wasn’t too happy about that and tried to negotiate a bigger role. The situation has not been sorted out.”

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