Report-K-Fed Urges Britney Into Rehab

Britney Spears

Sources are snitching that Britney Spears in being ushered into rehab by none other than her soon-to-be ex-husband, Kevin Federline.

“Kevin has tried to convince Britney to check herself into rehab from every possible angle,” a source told Star Magazine. “First he tried threatening to take away the kids, then he tried pleading with her to take care of herself.”

Fed-Ex has even teamed up with arch-rival Lynne Spears, B.S’s mom, to convince the singer to get clean: “He’s afraid she’s going to hurt herself.”

Kev apparently has issues with Brit spending forty grand on Vegas entertainment for her and new beau Isaac Cohen while their two sons are at home with the Manny:

“They’re being raised by strangers,” the Star source dishes. “He told Britney to get help before it’s too late.”

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