Brandy At Fault In Fatal December Car Crash

BrandyTMZ is reporting that Grammy Award winning R&B singer Brandy was at fault in a December 30th car crash that caused one fatality.

Brandy was driving her 2007 Land Rover at sixty-five miles per hour down the 405 L.A Freeway at around 10:30 AM and did not notice that cars in front of her had slowed down. The singer reportedly slammed into a 2005 Toyota. The ’05 Toyota then hit a 1989 Toyota. The 2005 Toyota then slid sideways and hit the center divider. As the 2005 Toyota came to a halt, it was struck by a 1988 Acura.

Awatef Aboudihaj, the driver of the 2005 Toyota, was taken to Holy Cross Hospital in critical condition-she died the next day. The thirty-eight year old was the mother of one. The driver of the Acura sustained minor injuries-Brandy sustained no injuries.

“Brandy’s holding up the best that she can. It has taken a toll on her,” says Evette Fergerson, the singer’s spokeswoman.

The rep added: “She wishes to publicly express her condolences to the family of the deceased. Brandy asks that you respect the privacy of every one involved at this time.”

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