‘Regression’ Trailer Features Emma Watson And Ethan Hawke In Creepy Pyschological Thriller [Watch]


Regression looks like it will be one of those horror movies that will get everyone talking, and not because of its shocking scenes or gore, but because of the realistic nature and creepiness of the story.

The film involves a horrifying mystery that ends up sweeping across the nation, stemming from one father’s sickening crime that is brought to the attention of the authorities by his daughter.

It is presented by someone who has mastered the art of the creepy thriller beautifully once already with The Others, director Alejandro Amenabar. He is from Chile and has also directed foreign films with famous actors such as The Sea Inside and Open Your Eyes, with Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz, respectively.

Regression is another spooky tale and it is set in 1990 in Minnesota with an exciting cast that features Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson. She is also reunited with David Thewlis for the film who played Professor Lupin in the Harry Potter films.


The thriller follows Detective Bruce Kenner (Hawke), who is investigating the case of Angela (Watson), who has accused her father of an unspeakable crime that she is filled with emotion when talking about. It also deals with the psychological troubles that someone can face when remembering something that they have blocked out.

When he unexpectedly admits to committing the crime without actually remembering what happened, psychologist Dr. Raines (Thewlis) is brought in to help relive the memories, but they soon discover a horrifying mystery that involves much more than just his family.

The trailer presents the message “Fear always finds its victim” dramatically in the form of text and the film should be another exciting thriller featuring Ethan Hawke, who has become a fan-favorite in the genre.

Regression will be released in theaters and frightening everyone on August 28th. The film features an original screenplay from Alejandro Amenabar and features a supporting cast that includes David Dencik, Devon Bostick, Aaron Ashmore, and Dale Dickey.


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