Red Carpet Prankster Vitalil Sediuk Pulls Fast One on Leonardo DiCaprio

He’s at it again! Ukranian prankster Vitalii Sediuk first made headlines last summer, when he attempted to kiss Will Smith on the lips at the Russian premiere of After Earth..and was promptly swatted across the face.

For his sophomore stunt, Sediuk targeted Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper. Instead of lip-smacking Cooper on the kisser, Sediuk decided to plant his face against the actor’s crotch. Headlines followed.

It would appear Sediuk has stepped up his game. For his latest crotch-hugging adventure, the funny guy cornered an unsuspecting Leonardo DiCaprio. It all went down at the Santa Barbara Film Festival on Sunday night.

Organizers were honoring DiCaprio for his performance in The Wolf of Wall Street when Sediuk drove face-fisting into Leo’s no-no zone. Awkward!

DiCaprio seemed disoriented by the prank, but quickly laughed off the prankster and continued down the red carpet as if nothing had happened.

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