Rebecca Gayheart Crack Smoking Nude Photo Scandal

Rebecca Gayheart is at the center of a drug and nude photo scandal after National Enquirer unearthed photos of the 37-year-old actress holding what appears to be crack pipe while sitting in the buff.

In the pictures, a seemingly high Rebecca is photographed clutching a lighter and a glass pipe. Rebecca reportedly kicked her addiction to drugs after a stint in rehab.

Enquirer spies suggests the pictures were taken in February 2003 — just 18 months before the ’90s-era “Nozema Girl” married Grey’s Anatomy’s “McSteamy,” actor Eric Dane.

A source tells the tab the actress took the photos as a gift for her then-boyfriend. “It happened on the Los Angeles party scene. Rebecca agreed to do a nude photo session for a boyfriend who wanted to have pictures of her as a turn-on. He told me they were partying and smoking crack together.”

This isn’t the first public scandal for Rebecca — in 2001, the actress pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter after she struck and killed a nine-year-old boy while she was allegedly using her cellphone while driving.

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