Do We Really Need a “Mrs. Doubtfire” Sequel?

Nobody puts out a boob fire quite like Robin Williams in a dress.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a sequel to Williams’ 1993 comedy hit Mrs. Doubtfire is actually happening, with both the comedy legend and director Chris Columbus on board for the long delayed follow-up.

Nineties audiences fell in love with the story of a divorced father, who uses his acting talents to disguise himself as a Scottish nanny, Euphegenia Doubtfire, in an effort to grow closer to his three children. The side-splitting smash won two Golden Globe awards and grossed $400 million at the international box office.

Producers at Fox 2000 studio hope to recreate that money-making magic for a new generation. But the question on moviegoers’ lips will likely be whether or not the feel-good classic has stood the test of time.

There’s at least one person who isn’t doing cartwheels over news of Mrs. Doubtfire: 20 Years Later. Former child star Mara Wilson, who appeared in the original film, doesn’t want to see the feature tampered with. And she was vocal about her dissension in a tweet Wednesday.

“Sequels generally suck unless they were planned as part of a trilogy or series. I think Doubtfire ended where it needed to end.”

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