New Kim Kardashian Sex Tape for Sale?!

Awww snap! Kim Kardashian is said to be horrified after a second sex tape starring the socialite in the throes of passion with ex-boyfriend Ray J has allegedly gone on sale.

Kanye West Used Kim Kardashian Sex Tape as Afrodisiac

Well…this is disturbing. The Gossip Wire is ablaze with reports that Kanye West used to watch Kim Kardashian’s career-making sex tape with Ray J Norwood to get him aroused before he bedded other women. Awkward much? Yep, weethinks.

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Set For March 21 Release

Despite unleashing an arsenal of legal tactics, Kim Kardashian has been unable to stop Vivid Entertainment from going forward with a March 21 release of “Kim Kardashian Superstar” — the sex video she made with ex-boyfriend, Ray-J.

The Release Of The Ray J, Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Halted

Vivid Entertainment has agreed to Ray-J’s controversial sex tape has agreed to halt distribution of the controversial video, this development comes one week after Kim filed a lawsuit to stop the release of the coveated footage.

Kim Kardashian Sues Over Sex Tape

Kim Kardashian has filed a lawsuit against Vivid Entertainment over the distribution of her sex tape with her ex-boyfriend, singer Ray-J.

Kim Kardashian Has Ray-J Thrown Out Of Pre-Grammy Party

The March 2007 Complex Mag covergirl and Kim Kardashian Superstar sex tape star Kim Kardashian hosted this weekend’s House of Hype Pre-Grammy Party at Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel where the socialite had her sex tape co-star and ex-BF Ray J kicked out by security.

Vivid Video Purchases Ray J-Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

Soon Paris Hilton’s BFF will be following in her diseased and poorly dressed footsteps. Adult film giant Vivid Video purchases the Ray J/Kim Kardashian sex tape for one millon dollars on Tuesday and promises to have the golden shower filled fun on store shelves by February 28th.

Ray-J-Kim Kardashian Sex Tape For Sale?!

New York City sources are snitching that R&B “singer” Ray-J (baby brother of singer Brandy) may have a sex tape for sale. Ray-J is supposedly trying to market a sex tape featuring Nicole Ritchie’s replacement as Paris Hilton’s best friend, Kim Kardashian, as the star. Kim’s Camp is screaming that no sex tape exists. Ray-J…

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