Ray J Cast Kim Kardashian Lookalike in “I Hit It First” Video

Hey Ray J, what was that you were saying about your latest single having absolutely nothing to do with Kim Kardashian?

The singer-rapper — best known in the Hollywood circle for providing the penis in Kim’ 2007 sex tape — has released the video for his latest single “I Hit It First,” an anti-balled widely believed to be about the pregnant socialite. Ray-J, 32, insists the song is not about Kim, yet the vid features a Kardashian doppelganger as his love interest and parodies her E! reality show by putting an “F!” logo in the corner as cameras shadow her.

Earlier this month, Ray J told Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson:

“It’s a fun song. It’s so light. It wasn’t made to create a negative controversy. I knew it would create controversy, but my intentions aren’t to be a bully or to be anything but what the song is.”

In fact, the star argues, the song could apply to any number of women:

“The song is about my life. In the past, I’ve dealt with a few women that kind of fit the same description in the song…some are just more popular than others. But for me, in promoting the song, I told myself, I said, ‘I’m not gonna say any names.’ I’m not gonna go any deeper than what the song is already representing because I feel like I would just be throwing fuel on the fire. So the song speaks for itself…’I Hit It First…’everybody knows what it is.”

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