Raven-Symone Hollywood Records Split

Former Cosby Kid Raven-Symone has parted ways with Disney-owned Hollywood Records and is charting a new career as an independent recording artist after her 2008 album, Raven-Symone, peaked at just No. 159 on the Billboard 200.

“When you’re an independent you really do get full control. You get to do it how you want to do it and promote it how I want to promote it and sell it how I want to sell it….”

“I did it on my second album [1999’s “Undeniable”] and like it,” the 22-year-old former child star said in an interview with Billboard.com this week.

Although she is disappointed with her slack record sales, Raven stopped short of blaming her plight on her former label.

“No one really dropped the ball….I just think it didn’t get enough publicity so people would know it’s coming out.”

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